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VS ENTERPRISES Safety Nets have a permanent solution to eliminate the threat to birds by hurting or killing them. In the environment, birds are beautiful creatures. So we're all trying to save the most adorable creature of birds.

People are facing many issues with birds such as pigeons, crowing on high-rise buildings. VS pigeon nets provide the best in-depth market demand knowledge. Weaved with high precision using a copolymer of the highest quality, these networks prevent birds from entering buildings.

We face many problems with Birds/Pigeons in our places like Apartments, Factories, Hotels and Hospitals. We can find birds entering from plumbing ducts, ventilators and find suitable place for nesting on the pipes. They lay eggs by nesting in these places which can not be accessed. We find Birds/Pigeons droppings in these places which cannot be cleaned easily and stinks like anything.

These nets are designed to keep all birds away without trapping or hurting them. We have a team of expert men, trained and experienced to carry out.