About Bird Spikes

Welcome To Bird Spikes

Bird-Edge® brings you a unique bird proofing solution to control the infestation of birds in a designated area by acting as an effective bird stopper in a humane way.

We have established ourselves as the leading brand in bird control services and solutions since 2003, with our trademark and patented technology of Stainless Steel Spikes fixed on a transparent Virgin Grade Polycarbonate base (with UV Stability). The bird guards use superior quality spikes which are can last upto 20 years.

With the adhesive glue of herculean strength, it sticks to any surface without hassle and remains so for a long time.

With its unique design, it results in no harm or eye sore to the beautification of the premises. Once you indulge in our bird control services, the bird guards will give you total control over your desired bird solutions